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Wireless Carplay & Android Auto Retrofit for Audi 2008-2017 A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, Q5, Q7

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Euro Style Tuning's Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Retrofit is a complete multimedia system upgrade which brings modern standards of smartphone connectivity to your Audi

The unit connects to your original Audi entertainment system and enables the functions of Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, AirPlay & more via the original screen and controls.

The system provides an experience similar to OEM Audi CarPlay & Android Auto, with the addition of extra features such as media streaming and playback via supported devices.

 Key Features

  • Wireless & Wired Apple CarPlay
  • Wireless & Wired Android Auto
  • GPS Navigation via Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze
  • Music Streaming via your preferred application (Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music & more)
  • Voice commands via Siri or Google Voice assistant
  • High quality audio output with adjustable equalizer
  • Connections for aftermarket cameras
  • Compatible with your factory parking cameras
  • Retain all original vehicle functions
  • Smartphone Screen Mirroring via AirPlay or Android Autolink
  • HDMI Input for external video device playback (Apple TV, Chromecast)
  • USB Media Playback & charging


New Modern and Intuitive User Interface

Our latest 2023 release retrofits are running a slick new software with a modern user interface 




  • Detailed installation instructions are provided with purchase
  • Simple plug and play installation method
  • Live support team who can guide you through the installation if you have any difficulty


Updatable Software

The retrofit software is easily updatable, and we are constantly working on improvements to enhance the experience.

To install an update to your module, please first contact customer support to provide your device information, this is required as we need to correctly identify your exact module and current software version to provide the correct update.


Device requirements


iPhone 5+ running iOS 7.1 or later

Android Auto:

Android Phone running Android 11 and above


Vehicle Compatibility

Please read compatibility section before ordering to confirm vehicle compatibility


We offer added value with every purchase, by purchasing through us you recieve:

- A Premium Quality, Euro Style Tuning Retrofit Kit, running the latest software, don't fall for no-brand copycat products.

- Installation tools are included, such as trim removal tools for applicable vehicles, radio removal keys, and an AMI Audio activator.

- Access to live online support chat, which is available at times to suit international customers.

-Access to our online installation guides and resources

-Premium Express Courier Delivery is included, Door to Door Signature Service.

3-5 Business Day Delivery

Depending on the destination country your order will be delivered via either DHL Express, Fedex Express or USPS Priority Mail.

Under normal circumstances you can expect to recieve your order within 3-5 Business Days of it being shipped.

Please note orders are generally processed on the next business day.

Simple plug and play installation

Package includes all required cables, a set of plastic trim removal tools, stereo removal keys for applicable models and a complementary AMI Adapter should it be required during installation.

You will need basic tools to complete the installation.

Don't feel like DIY?

Contact us to be put in touch with one of our recommended installers located in Australia, USA and UK.

Otherwise a local car audio shop or auto electrician will be able to fit this easily for you.


This product is covered by a 12 month warranty against defects or faults

If the product is found to be faulty or defective we will repair or replace the item with a new one.


We accept general returns for a period of 30 days from delivery of the product.

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Packed with Features

  • Wireless Connectivity

    RetrofitPRO is primarily designed to offer a flawless Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Experience

  • Netflix & Movies

    RetrofitPRO allows HDMI Input to connect your Apple TV, ChromeCast and more

  • Complete Integration

    RetrofitPRO retains all of your original vehicle controls.

    Navigate using your existing buttons, dials and control knobs.

  • Non-Invasive Installation

    RetrofitPRO requires no permanent modifications to your existing wiring and can be removed at any time without leaving a trace.

  • Camera Expandability

    RetrofitPRO will work with your existing cameras if you have them, if not it provides additional video ports to connect front & rear view cameras and display them in your vehicle.

  • High Quality Audio with Equalizer

    RetrofitPRO maximizes the sound quality of your vehicles auxiliary input, it provides extensive customization via an 8 Band Equalizer

  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here

A Whole New World of Apps - at your Fingertips

Driving is much easier with CarPlay & Android Auto, allowing direct access to your phones apps through your vehicle.

You can navigate your journeys using popular apps like Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, and Tom Tom, among others.

Drive with confidence with real-time updates, such as speed camera and hazard alerts shared on Waze.

Say Goodbye to Cables

Completely Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto

Connecting your phone to our retrofit is effortless, all it takes is one first time setup to pair your phone with the system and after that CarPlay/Android Auto will automatically connect once you are inside your car.

No need to take your phone out from your pocket or purse, just hop in the car and your ready to go!

If you prefer connecting via cable, the device supports USB connection.

2011 Audi A5 with Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto Retrofit Installed 

Below is a comparison of the basic OEM system from a 2011 Audi A5, versus the same system after our retrofit module is connected.

The difference is night and day.

Easily navigated by your existing controls

The integration with your original car display and controls is seamless, and your factory buttons allow you to navigate and interact with CarPlay/Android Auto effortlessly.

What's more, all your original Audi menus remain accessible, allowing you to refer back to the factory system for tasks such as servicing information and settings. No features are lost, and you can continue to use your favorite functionalities with ease.

Voice Commands via Siri or Google Voice

The primary goal of CarPlay/Android Auto software is to provide a safer experience on the road, and to provide direct access to your phone through the infotainment system of the car to minimize distraction whilst driving.

The retrofit integrates with your cars microphone, enabling you to provide voice commands to Siri or Google voice, no need to touch your phone.

For example you can just ask Siri "Take me to the nearest McDonalds" and the navigation will begin on your cars display.

HDMI Enabled

You can connect a Amazon Fire TV, ChromeCast, or Roku and watch episodes of your favorite TV series when parked in your car, transform your car into a portable cinema. You can even utilize the HDMI port of theRetrofitPRO to connect your Nintendo Switch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
David Pickford
Q7 retrofit Android Auto

Wanted to update my maps as they were 8 years out of date, cheapest and easiest way was via ESTs kit that also gave me access to other features on my phone. The actual fitting was reasonably easy with the only difficulty being actually removing the car vents, climate control box and mmi unit. I think the entire process would also be easier with a booklet rather than the YouTube video. As I'm pretty much a dinosaur with tech stuff I'm still trying to figure out how to use all thats available. My only gripe overall though is sometimes it takes a couple of goes to answer calls and at times the AM radio reception isn't as good but I need to move the new antenna around as explained in the fitting instructions. Overall though a great buy and one I'd do again if needed.

Liam Groves
Brilliant bit of kit

Just fitted mine in my Audi S5 and was easy to fit abit fiddly but all goes in well and works great better than I expected

Good product, but the AUX audio output is noisy and low quality

Guides were not entirely helpful but the YouTube videos were great. Product generally works well every time. As described, on my model, the audio is received by WiFi to the unit, then outputted to the stereo via the AMI AUX connection. This is very noisy, low quality and just can't rival the the bluetooth system. This is a shame, but likely just a limitation of the technology.

I do fine using bluetooth still for the audio and phonecalls. This means that any audio from the CarPlay doesn't output (Maps announcements or reading messages, or Siri), but for £200 I can live with that.

rod mazzaro
Need to install

Have not installed it yet . Hoping soon

Markus Karlakari
Works good

Works good in my car and wasnt too hard to install.