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Wireless Android Auto & Wireless CarPlay Adapter for vehicles with Factory Wired CarPlay

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This simple device will convert your vehicle to support Wireless Android Auto and Wireless CarPlay, through your factory wired CarPlay connection.

*Please read requirements before ordering*

The CarPlay expansion adapter is a small plug and play device that connects to the USB port of your vehicle, there is no installation required, just plug it in and you are ready.

It works with most makes and models that support wired CarPlay.

You can then connect either your Android phone or iPhone to wireless Android Auto or CarPlay respectively.

The unit will utilize your cars original wired CarPlay connection and convert it to a wireless connection for both CarPlay and Android Auto.

This allows for the following solutions:

  • You can now connect to your CarPlay wirelessly without the USB cable on a vehicle which previously needed the cable plugged in.
  • You can now use Android Auto on your vehicle which previously only supported CarPlay

With many late model vehicles still lacking wireless support, or being manufactured without Android Auto capabilities this adapter will ensure that you are not missing out on any connectivity features that are not provided with your model.




While we try to ensure the device is compatible with as many vehicles as possible, there are some criteria that must be met.

We would estimate this adapter will work with 98% of vehicles meeting the requirements.

On the small chance that your vehicle meets these requirements and is found not to be compatible we will be happy to organize a free return and refund.


  • Must support WIRED CarPlay, if your vehicle *only* supports wireless CarPlay this will not work. It is important to check this correctly, as some vehicles are advertised as supporting 'CarPlay' but the actual connection is only wireless.
  • If you need any assistance to check this please contact us to confirm your vehicle compatibility.
  • Android phones need to be running Android 11 or later
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  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here