Android 12 Head Unit Volkswagen (Various Models) 9 Inch HD Display, Wireless Apple CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto

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This Android 12 Head Unit is designed to bring your older VW vehicle up to date with the latest technology and features.

This unit is compatible with a wide range of Volkswagen vehicles including the Golf MK5/MK6, Passat, Jetta, GTI, Tiguan, and many more.

Make sure you check the compatibility tab for the full list and details before ordering as only certain year models will be compatible.

Coming standard with a Large High Definition IPS Display which is fully laminated and anti-reflective, built with a true glass to glass design to ensure vibrant colors and reduced light refraction.

The optional upgrade to the QLED Display provides even more spectacular picture quality.

It is designed and manufactured to fit the existing dashboard space and comes in two specifications with either 64GB or 128GB of storage and a choice between 4GB or 6GB Ram options for ultra fast memory speeds.

Wireless CarPlay and Wireless Android Auto connectivity is built into the unit.

Running the latest version of Android (Android 12) allows you to install apps from the Google Play Store, navigate with popular apps like Waze and Google Maps, listen to music and podcasts, and watch videos from platforms like YouTube and Netflix.

You can also connect an OBD2 reader for coding and viewing car data.

Some factory cameras can be retained with an additional adapter, and aftermarket cameras are easily connected with reverse gear detection for easy switching on automatic transmission vehicles.

Every unit we sell undergoes extensive quality testing including high and low temperature testing between -20 and +80 degrees, electrostatic testing, 8-hour accelerated ageing test, in-car testing, impact testing, and 1.2 meter drop test for added peace of mind. 

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