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CarPlay+ Media Streaming Box , Movie & Video Streaming capability for cars with factory CarPlay

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This CarPlay Expansion box unlocks many new features for vehicles that have OEM Wired CarPlay capability.

The box is a small plug and play device that connects to the USB port of your vehicle, there is no installation required, just plug it in and you are ready.

It is a must have for anyone who has a CarPlay enabled vehicle and wants to add more features for an unrestricted experience.

The box runs Android OS, and emulates the CarPlay input of the vehicle to project itself onto the screen. Turning your OEM CarPlay display into an fully fledged Android tablet.

This means you can install any application you desire from the Google Play store, such as Netflix, YouTube, OBD2 Monitoring applications, Facebook etc.

You can watch, play, and stream anything that is downloadable for Android devices, opening up many more possibilities for the functions of your car entertainment system.

On top of this, the device supports Wireless Android Auto and Wireless CarPlay connection, it will convert your wired CarPlay vehicle to support Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto. 

No need to connect your phone, just leave this device connected to the USB port and everything else is wireless.

It has a built in 4G sim card slot to support it's own internet connection, or you can alternatively connect it to your phones mobile hotspot.



  • Enables Wireless Apple CarPlay and Wireless Android Auto functionality
  • Access to a full Android system through your OEM display
  • Supports viewing of YouTube, Netflix and other video content
  • Built in EQ
  • Built in GPS antenna for navigation
  • Built in 4G sim card slot for independent data connection (Use without phone)
  • 64GB Storage for Movies, Music, Photos etc
  • Expandable storage via SD card slot

Tech Specs

  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB Storage
  • 8 Core Snapdragon Processor
  • Android 11 customized OS



Compatible with most vehicles 2016+ with factory CarPlay and a touchscreen display.



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  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here