Direct fit for BMW E39 5 Series (1997-2003), 7 Inch HD Android 12 Display, 6GB RAM+128GB SSD upgrade with built in Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

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Upgrade for BMW E39 5 series (1997-2003)

Check compatibility tab to ensure compatibility, NAV models require extra cabling

We are committed to providing you the best quality aftermarket head units for your BMW

Features and capabilities

  • Bring your older BMW back up to date with the latest features
  • Stunning large high definition display
  • Designed and manufactured to fit the existing dashboard space
  • Use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Install any application that is available on the Google Play Store
  • Navigate using Waze, Google Maps, TomTom and more
  • Listen to music via Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora etc
  • Stream and listen to Podcasts via your favorite podcast apps
  • Watch YouTube, Netflix, Disney Plus etc
  • Connect with an OBD2 reader to perform coding, view car data
  • Add aftermarket reverse camera
  • Reverse gear is detected automatically for camera switching

Unit Details

Packing a whopping 6GB of RAM, 8 Core Processor and 128GB of storage , You would be hard pressed to find anything to match the lightning fast performance on offer.

Enjoy spectacular picture quality with a fully laminated, anti-reflective HD IPS Display. Built with a true glass to glass design to ensure vibrant colors and reduced light refraction.

The specifications of this unit make it capable of smooth Ultra-HD 4K video playback, Creative Multitasking and seamless Wireless CarPlay and Wired Android Auto capability.

This unit has one of the largest and fastest storage solutions available with a internal 128GB SSD


Tech Specs

  • 8 Core Snapdragon high performance processor

  • Adreno 610 High Performance GPU

  • DDR3 6GB RAM

  • Large 7inch HD IPS Touch Screen Display

  • Android 12

  • Bluetooth 5.1

  • Built in 4G LTE (Micro SIM)

  • 128GB internal SSD

  • Wireless Apple CarPlay & Wired Android Auto

  • Built in GPS

  • Built in DSP for great audio quality

  • Steering wheel controls are supported

  • Dual band WiFi/Hotspot functionality (Connect devices to 4G)

  • Customizable start-up logo

  • Vehicle information display

  • Optimized vehicle specific CANBUS decoding


Every model we sell is backed by extensive quality testing such as,

  • High and low temperature testing between -20 and +80 degrees

  • Electrostatic testing

  • 8 hours accelerated aging test

  • Verified in-car testing

  • Impact testing

  • 1.2 meter drop tests

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    • Questions about Installation? Click Here
    • Questions about Installation? Click Here
    • Questions about Installation? Click Here
    • Questions about Installation? Click Here