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BMW 1 & 2 Series Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Touch Screen Multimedia Display Upgrade NBT F20 F21 F22 F23

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Upgrade for the BMW F20 F21 F22 F23 F87 2012-2017 with NBT iDrive

Ensure you check the compatibility info, 2012/2013 vehicles need further identification

This Display upgrade for the BMW 1 & 2 Series offers a sleek and intuitive solution to enhance your in-car entertainment experience with CarPlay & Android Auto.

With the integration of both Wireless Apple CarPlay and Wireless Android Auto, you can now enjoy seamless smartphone integration with a 8.8 inch upgraded display.

The high-resolution HD IPS Touch Screen brings your navigation, music, and other essential apps to life, providing a more immersive and convenient driving experience.

With its easy plug & play installation process, you can enjoy all the benefits of this upgrade in no time.

The Display features voice control compatibility with Siri and Google Voice. You can now control your phone, navigation, music, and other apps hands-free, allowing you to keep your focus on the road.

The system is integrated with your original iDrive controller, allowing you to scroll and interact with CarPlay & Android Auto via the original control knob.

Your original BMW iDrive system is preserved and is fully accessible via the new display, so no functionality is lost from the original vehicle.

Whether you're driving long distances or just around town, this screen upgrade is the perfect addition to bring your BMW up to modern standards.

Features and capabilities

  • Wireless CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto
  • Siri/Google Voice
  • Compatible with original iDrive controller, Touch screen or Voice control
  • Compatible with original parking sensors and cameras
  • Enables connection of aftermarket RCA cameras
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Audio EQ
  • Built in Microphone

Please note that this unit is not an Android head unit, and only offers CarPlay/Android Auto and media playback features.


We offer added value with every purchase, by purchasing through us you recieve:

- A Premium Quality, Euro Style Tuning Retrofit Kit, running the latest software, don't fall for no-brand copycat products.

- Installation tools are included, such as trim removal tools for applicable vehicles, radio removal keys, and an AMI Audio activator.

- Access to live online support chat, which is available at times to suit international customers.

-Access to our online installation guides and resources

-Premium Express Courier Delivery is included, Door to Door Signature Service.

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Depending on the destination country your order will be delivered via either DHL Express, Fedex Express or USPS Priority Mail.

Under normal circumstances you can expect to recieve your order within 3-5 Business Days of it being shipped.

Please note orders are generally processed on the next business day.

Simple plug and play installation

Package includes all required cables, a set of plastic trim removal tools, stereo removal keys for applicable models and a complementary AMI Adapter should it be required during installation.

You will need basic tools to complete the installation.

Don't feel like DIY?

Contact us to be put in touch with one of our recommended installers located in Australia, USA and UK.

Otherwise a local car audio shop or auto electrician will be able to fit this easily for you.


This product is covered by a 12 month warranty against defects or faults

If the product is found to be faulty or defective we will repair or replace the item with a new one.


We accept general returns for a period of 30 days from delivery of the product.

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Packed with Features

  • Wireless Connectivity

    RetrofitHD is primarily designed to offer a flawless Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Experience

  • Complete Integration

    RetrofitHD retains all of your original vehicle controls aswell as adding touchscreen functionality.

  • Non-Invasive Installation

    RetrofitHD requires no permanent modifications to your existing wiring and can be reverted at any time without leaving a trace.

  • Camera Expandability

    RetrofitHD will work with your existing cameras if you have them, if not it provides additional video ports to connect front & rear view cameras and display them in your vehicle.

  • High Quality Audio with Equalizer

    RetrofitHD maximizes the sound quality of your vehicles auxiliary input, it provides extensive customization via an 8 Band Equalizer

  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here

A Whole New World of Apps - at your Fingertips

Driving is much easier with CarPlay & Android Auto, allowing direct access to your phones apps through your vehicle.

You can navigate your journeys using popular apps like Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, and Tom Tom, among others.

Drive with confidence with real-time updates, such as speed camera and hazard alerts shared on Waze.

Voice Commands via Siri or Google Voice

The primary goal of CarPlay/Android Auto software is to provide a safer experience on the road, and to provide direct access to your phone through the infotainment system of the car to minimize distraction whilst driving.

The retrofit integrates with your cars microphone, enabling you to provide voice commands to Siri or Google voice, no need to touch your phone.

For example you can just ask Siri "Take me to the nearest McDonalds" and the navigation will begin on your cars display.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Decent but unrefined

Screen visually is a nice upgrade. Slow dispatch and also different to what was shown on the site. Installation instructions not included and videos/steps provided all refer to varying different setups but could figure these out eventually myself. Would be good if some setup documentation could be provided ie in standard mode how to update the layout of screen and change speed figure to mph vs kmph. Also in carplay would be handy to know how to configure phonecalls and reversing setup (music stops completely).

Peter Tamisin
Easy to install

It was relatively easy to set up as promised. Once everything is working it’s really great. The screen is so much bigger than the stock screen on a series 2 and the addition of CarPlay is obviously a major upgrade.

The things I don’t like is my BMWs sound consistently selects aux as the source and I have to leave Car play to the idrive controls to set it back to Bluetooth. This only takes a few screens taps to do but it’s really inconvenient if you already started driving before you notice. Also after I first installed the backup camera was disabled. I thought it was wiring so it took everything apart to double check. Turns out it was a setting where I had to choose which system would control the camera, idrive or CarPlay. That was a one time inconvenience though and is not an issue after fixed. Instruction would have been nice though.

Overall the value you get FAR outweighs these issues at this price point.

Aleksandar Marinov
F20 screen upgrade

Easy as plug in and turn the car on nothing complicated it works perfect

Leif Christie
Screen is an amazing upgrade to the car.

Amazing upgrade to the unit. Easy to install.
The only thing to let it down is using the telephone through wireless CarPlay. My callers all complain of hearing their own echo very distinctively. Making any business call very awkward. Still awaiting company response on the issue. In the interim I’ve had to flick between the wireless CarPlay and normal Bluetooth for calls.


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  • What is the difference between a Retrofit Module and a Head Unit?

    What is the difference between a Retrofit Module and a Head Unit?

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