RetrofitPRO Module - BMW Wireless CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto MMI Module with HDMI Function

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Overhaul your BMW's Multimedia & Infotainment System with the RetrofitPRO Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Module.

It seamlessly integrates with your existing iDrive system, providing access to:

  • Wireless & Wired Apple CarPlay
  • Wireless & Wired Android Auto
  • HDMI/Phone/USB Video Playback
  • Camera Connectivity (add additional rear & front cameras)

Experience the luxury of navigating through CarPlay/Android Auto menus on your iDrive screen with the iDrive Controller, just like a factory-installed system.

Stay connected on the go with up-to-date applications such as Waze and Google Maps, and enjoy a technologically connected driving experience as you would expect from a current model vehicle.


  • Watch videos on your iDrive screen using streaming devices
  • Take phone calls & reply to messages safely whilst driving, using Siri/Google Voice
  • Compatible with 95% of BMWs produced from 2008-2020
  • HDMI input for connection of streaming devices (Apple TV, Chromecast)
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto
  • USB Multimedia and charging
  • Full-Screen
  • Easy control with iDrive
  • Supports Front and Rear View Camera Expansion
  • High-quality audio with an Equalizer
  • Works with your existing iDrive screen

Works with most BMW vehicles built from 2008-2020 such as the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Series X1,X3,X5 Series and even Mini vehicles which share the same entertainment system.

Also compatible with most M models, such as M2,M3,M4,M5,M6

The above is a guideline and you will need to check the compatibility information on this page to ensure that it will be suitable for your vehicle.

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Packed with Features

  • Wireless Connectivity

    RetrofitPRO is primarily designed to offer a flawless Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Experience

  • Netflix & Movies

    RetrofitPRO allows HDMI Input to connect your Apple TV, ChromeCast and more

  • Complete Integration

    RetrofitPRO retains all of your original vehicle controls.

    Navigate using your existing buttons, dials and control knobs.

  • Non-Invasive Installation

    RetrofitPRO requires no permanent modifications to your existing wiring and can be removed at any time without leaving a trace.

  • Camera Expandability

    RetrofitPRO will work with your existing cameras if you have them, if not it provides additional video ports to connect front & rear view cameras and display them in your vehicle.

  • High Quality Audio with Equalizer

    RetrofitPRO maximizes the sound quality of your vehicles auxiliary input, it provides extensive customization via an 8 Band Equalizer

  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here
  • Questions about Installation? Click Here

Access your Smartphone Apps

Real time Traffic, live map updates, speed camera alerts

This CarPlay & Android Auto upgrade provides direct access to navigation, messaging, and music apps on your Phone via your cars Infotainment system.

Get up to date information on speed traps, roadworks, traffic jams and hazards.

Additionally, it offers a range of vehicle-focused apps for tasks such as finding parking or ordering food

HDMI Enabled

You can connect a Amazon Fire TV, ChromeCast, or Roku and watch episodes of your favorite TV series when parked in your car, transform your car into a portable cinema. You can even utilize the HDMI port of theRetrofitPRO to connect your Nintendo Switch.